When will the precious metals market close

When will the precious metals market close

At the AMA event of "new paradigm in defiamm" held on October 8, Sam bankman fried (SBF), founder of FTX and consultant to serum, said, "AMM has limited use cases and needs to rely on the order book. Uniswapamm iWhen will the precious metals market closes suitable for providing liquidity in real early projects, which is better than other alternatives. Long term bearish AMM. "

It is announced that curvecurvecurve, a stable currency platform, will be launched at 22:00 on September 28, aiming to create deeper liquidity on the blockchain by using advanced bonding curves. It is currently in the testing stage. It is a pool of funds for transactions on Ethereum, which aims to achieve highly efficient and stable currency transactions,

Financial contract infrastructure umaumaumauma is a protocol that provides trust free financial contracts and Oracle machines. Third party liquidity providers and exchanges can provide innovative financial products to global users by using UMA protocol. UMA consists of automatic financial contract specification and Oracle, which is used to evaluate and guarantee the honesty and credibility of these contracts. Originated from the concept of traditional financial derivatives, UMA is used to create and validate financial contracts without trust, allowing anyone anywhere to design and build universally available financial products. UMA allows risk transfer without centralized authorization or single point of failure. UMA aims to support financial innovation provided by the public chain. It defines an open source protocol that allows any two counterparties to design and create their own financial contracts. However, unlike traditional derivatives, UMA contracts are only guaranteed by economic incentives, which makes them self executing and generally accessible. UMA's risklabs received $4 million in seed round investment in 2018. The company is led by the placeholder, with partners including Bain Capital, coinbase ventures, dragonfly capital, blockchain capital, fintech collective, the box group and twosigma ventures. UMA check out more co-founder Hart lambur wrote that UMA project launched the first "no feed price" composite token built with UMA on the main network, which can track the relative value (ratio) of Eth and BTC. The token is currently available on uniswapv2, but the team warns that this is a beta version only,

Allow the erc-20 tokens to complete transactions without any third party. It is designed to solve the interoperability, management problems, open standardization, technical infrastructure and secure transaction function of smart contract and dapps. As stated in the white paper, x x is a network protocol used to promote the transmission of information between buyers and sellers It aims to serve as an open standard for de Chinese applications combined with transaction functions. Rapid iteration and lack of practical experience make the blockchain distributed to various specific applications, and as a result, end customers are exposed to smart contracts with different quality and security. This method is applied to segment end customers through the specific de neutralization used by each user, which destroys the valuable network effect and increases the unnecessary cost on the network. The protocol uses several existing technologies to combine the off chain function of the status channel with the on chain settlement, which is called "off chain order associated with on chain settlement" to conduct transactions. This means that orders will be transferred off the chain and settled on the chain, reducing the cost of market makers, and benefiting from the near instant settlement of the Ethereum blockchain. Because the trading service providers transfer from the centralized platform to the market participants themselves, the real free market has accepted the emerging token economy. Since the "forwarder" replaces such a platform as a service provider, the order is also filled in by the receiver who intercepts and distributes the order. The transaction function not only eliminates the exposure risk brought by centralized trading to its users, but also obscures the government's goal and reduces the regulatory attack. On chain settlement, off chain matching. The consultant team includes Olaf, chief executive officer of coinbase, founder of polychain, and CO cioamir bandeali of Pantera. At present, there are tens of thousands of developers in the community. More than 20 trading platforms use the X protocol and apply it to 10 + dapps, including markerdai, request, August, etc. For example, the total value of tokens stored in each fund pool in uniswap and coinbase is the first project to obtain venture capital from coinbase,

Dai is issued by full mortgage of the assets on the chain, and is anchored at 1:1 with the US dollar. Individuals and businesses can obtain hedging assets and liquidity without central risk by exchanging Dai or mortgage Dai. Maker platform has been applied in mortgage, margin trading, international transfer, supply chain finance and so on. Makerdaomaker foundation makerdaomakerdao auction view more (MKR) and coinbase is the first project to obtain venture capital from coinbase, which is also a part of coinbase's efforts to promote blockchain innovation. Compound provides interest on encrypted assets placed on exchanges and wallets. The interest rate of each asset is adjusted dynamically according to the borrowing demand of the asset. Compound wants to attract hedge funds, experienced investors and borrowers. In fact, it's not surprising that compound has the support of coinbase, because its technology is in line with the idea that coinbase is revolutionizing traditional finance. Compoundcomp view more (COMP) has a market value of $526 million and $515 million respectively.

Based on the high-performance public chain Solana, which is different from the fragmentation or data partition processing technology adopted by quarkchain and zilliqa, Solana proposes a new proof of history consensus meWhen will the precious metals market closechanism,

The transaction cost in core liquidity mining is 1%, of which 7% will be used to pay for development costs, and the remaining 93% will be allocated to liquid mining. The core team allocates tokens through liquidity mining. By depositing eth into the core liquidity pool on uniswap, the core token can be obtained. After that, a new fund pool may be added. Core token holders will be able to provide strategic contracts and vote on whether or not to go online or when to implement autonomous strategies completely. 5% of all profits generated by these strategies will be used to purchase core tokens automatically, which means that core token holders will always benefit from revenue activities generated by core smart contracts, that is, core token sales even if mining farmers sell them The transaction fee will also be refunded to the pool. In addition, all transfers must be approved by the core transfer smart contract, which will prevent all liquidity withdrawals from uniswap to ensure market stability and give token holders and mining farmers a competitive advantage.

All developer mining awards based on UGAS tokens will be transferred to and managed by the yam community. In the first three months of this cooperation, the yam community will retain 10% of these awards as management fees, and the remaining 90% will be allocated to the community (40% of the awards will be allocated to dappp mining and 50% of the proceeds will be allocated to liquidity mining)

Bitcoin btcbitcoin after looking at more, put forward the proposal that its price will be split at a ratio of 10:1. Twitter users " eth.md "The price of yfi higher than that of bitcoin will psychologically prevent people from buying yfi, thus reducing the demand for yfi and lowering the price of yfi. That's why tsla and AAPL split the shares. Twitter user samikkurty said he would not support the proposal, saying that high prices were a good advantage.