List of precious metals

List of precious metals

With the rise in international oil prices and the continuing turmoil in the Middle East, the safe-haven demand for gold has been triggered again. Industry analysts believe that with the price of gold standing above US$1,460, the gold market is still bullish in April, and the price of gold is gradually approaching the generally expected short-term target oList of precious metalsf US$1,500 per ounce.

Traditionally, the January gold consumption peak season was positive, and it failed to withstand the strong offensive of factors. Suppressed by the news of my country's recovery of liquidity this month, the global stock market and futures market are full of greenery, and the commodity market including gold has also changed, and the sentiment of longing has been seriously damaged.

On September 18, although the IMF announced that it would sell 403.3 tons (12.9 million ounces) of gold stocks, it repeatedly emphasized that it would sell gold in a way that would not disrupt the market, but the market was still worried-who can afford 13 billion US dollars to take over this A batch of gold equivalent to one-eighth of the organization's total gold reserves?

The report about the death of Al Qaeda leader Osamabin Laden has undoubtedly become the focus of the market. The news once frustrated the commodity market and led to a sharp decline in commodity currencies, giving the U.S. dollar a temporary respite. The U.S. index once touched the 73.28 level. The intraday highs. However, most analysts still believe that shorting the US dollar for a period of time will still be the basic style of the market.

Enticed by high profits, Shenzhen investor Zhu invested 2.82 million yuan for electronic disk transactions. Unexpectedly, 34 days later, she suffered a huge loss of 1.02 million yuan. In addition to 400,000 yuan of high handling fees, she lost a total of 1.42 million yuan. yuan. Experts remind that investors in gambling transactions basically have no chance of making money.

Third, the silver price risk List of precious metalsis still very high, and the speculation in the market is already booming. Investors should pay attention to avoiding the trend. Judging from the current silver price, the psychological barrier of $48 is not far away, and the gold-silver ratio is close to 35 times, which is less than the historically long-term 40 times, so the risk of silver prices falling after the speculation still exists.

A relevant person in Dongshan Department Store told reporters that at present, there has been a sales blowout in gold and silver. In the same period last year, the three-day sales of the two stores of gold and silver (including ornamental gold, platinum, etc.) were more than 1.7 million yuan, which soared to 4.7 million yuan this year. The increase in sales in three days was unexpected to the merchants. Among them, investment in gold accounts for the largest proportion, reaching more than 65%.