When will the precious metals market close

When will the precious metals market close

However, as far as the long-term prospects of gold are concerned, as long as investors lose confidence in fiat currency, its remonetization story will continue. Pay attention to the gold lease price; the soarWhen will the precious metals market closeing gold lease price will be a good leading indicator that the price of gold will rise sharply, because it reflects a shortage of loanable gold. The rising price of gold leases will cause gold to enter a state of spot premium, because gold holders are unwilling to sell forward gold under any circumstances. The current high spot premiums on the price of gold coins prove this trend.

At the beginning of this week, Europe's debt problems became worse and worse, making risk aversion continued to heat up. Pushing up the international spot gold prices rose step by step, once again approaching the important resistance level of $1,550 per ounce. The domestic spot gold price also climbed slightly to around 322 yuan/g. The daily chart shows that the price of gold undertook last week's rebound and rally to once again test the important mid-term resistance of $1,550 per ounce. The current wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, and the price volatility gradually narrows. It is recommended that prudent investors take the wait-and-see approach, and aggressive investors can go short near the resistance level and leave the market above the $1556 per ounce. Below short-term support is 1530 US dollars / ounce, 1516 US dollars / ounce. Chen Zhihao, Jinding Gold Trading Center (Source: Guangzhou Daily)

The basis for our advice to customers on whether they are suitable for long-term investment is whether they can buy the varieties that customers want for long-term investment at a relatively cheap price. As a commodity, if the market price has approached the cost zone, the timing of the corresponding allocation is also more appropriate. The relevant person in charge of the retail banking department of China Merchants Bank told reporters.

However, some people will suggest that the trend in 2001-11 is also in line with the 1976-80 years, so that there will be no continued rise. From Figure 1, gold prices experienced a sharp retracement after 1980 and maintained a certain range of fluctuations for 20 years.

PIPTRADE analysts believe that the policy outlook of the two major central banks is closely affecting the market. Gold has repeatedly oscillated under the pros and cons of the two forces. However, the trend is slightly weaker because the bulls choose to profit before the risk of major events. . Although the U.S. dollar index has held a low position, the upward pressure is also greater. It should also be in an adjustment stage. Accelerating the rebound may need to wait for the 20-day moving average to shift from downward to flat, and the U.S. index stands on this line. The consolidation of the U.S. index also gave gold more time to correct its gains. Low-level buying is still eyeing up. In the short-term, it is not chasing the rise or falling.

Catherine also believes that the current valuations of many Asian securities markets, including India, Indonesia, etc., are relatively attractive. Although it is difficuWhen will the precious metals market closelt to say whether they have reached the bottom, the investment value has fully emerged and the stock market will perform better in the next 12 months.

However, the interest rate on the Treasury bond market is basically used as a benchmark interest rate in other markets, as a risk-free interest rate, so it is a systemic risk, and it is hard to say what kind of result it will eventually lead to, but it is currently in the mind of investors The impact of is huge, so the price of gold rushes up frantically. Tao Xingyi said.