Current price of precious metals per ounce

Current price of precious metals per ounce

In 2016, the global official sector’s net purchases fell sharply by 35%, reaching the lowest point in 6 years. Russia was the two countries with the largest purchases in official purchases in recent years. However, the decline in official purchases in 2016 was what prompted the year’s The main reCurrent price of precious metals per ounceason for the sharp decline in this area.

This trading day will announce Australia’s second-quarter GDP, Switzerland’s August consumer price index, July retail sales in the Eurozone, the final value of non-agricultural unit labor costs in the second quarter of the United States and the final value of non-agricultural productivity in the second quarter of the United States. The Bank of Canada held a monetary policy meeting and announced the interest rate decision.

On Tuesday, as Moody's upgraded Portugal's rating to junk, the market's risk aversion sentiment rose sharply. Spot gold rose steadily and eventually closed sharply higher. Earlier, just as the market was overjoyed for Greece's regaining of aid, Moody's once again pointed the signs to Portugal-so investors began to worry about whether the country will follow Greece's footsteps and become the next unsustainable country in the Eurozone. . From the perspective of the relevant foreign exchange market, the situation on that day was also positive for the US dollar and negative for the euro. However, as the focus of the European debt crisis became the focus of the market that day, the bearishness of the strong dollar did not significantly curb the trend of gold prices.

In November 2010, the price of silver rose to about 6.1 yuan, which was half the time it took to go from more than 3 yuan to more than 4 yuan. As a result, Zhang Meng bought back another 10 kilograms of silver bars. However, Zhang Meng was a little worried after the big deal this time. She began to produce this psychological change at the time when the price of silver rose sharply this year.

On Monday, the US Pfizer announced that its new crown vaccine developed in cooperation with the German biotechnology company BioNTech is more than 90% effective. Once the news was sent out, it immediately ignited the market. As a safe-haven asset, the price of international gold plunged sharply, setting the biggest single-day drop since August 11. This shows that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still the key to dominating the current global market sentiment, and the international gold price is also more sensitive to the evolution of the epidemic and the development process of the new crown vaccine.

From the perspective of the international gold price trend, since June, the price of gold has begun to fall at around US$990. It has fallen all the way to the present. It once tested the US$900 mark. The current price of gCurrent price of precious metals per ounceold is trading sideways at US$948. The domestic gold price is also hovering between 203 yuan per gram. Between 209 yuan. According to the analysis of relevant experts, as the economy picks up, international funds have gradually flowed out of the gold safe-haven market. This is the main reason for the recent fall in gold prices. However, in the long run, the pressure on the depreciation of the US dollar is still there. Especially with the increase in inflation expectations, gold will continue to rise in the medium and long term.