Noble and precious metals trading company

Noble and precious metals trading company

For most companies or investors, the international investment market in 2011 was sorrowful and unseen, but it also created individual profitable emerging industries. The gold investment industry is one of the best. Benefiting from the international gold price exiting the bull market in the middle of the year, the profits of gold investment companies in the Mainland have soared and the number of customNoble and precious metals trading companyers has skyrocketed. There are many companies with annual profits of more than 10 million yuan.

Xinhuanet, Chicago, September 13 (Reporter Li Mi) Boosted by investors buying on dips and a weaker U.S. dollar, gold futures prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange rebounded slightly on the 13th. Among them, the most actively traded December contract rose by 16.8 US dollars per ounce to close at 1830.1 US dollars, an increase of 0.9%., Chicago, February 28 (Reporter Li Mi) As the European Central Bank's upcoming second round of long-term refinancing operations strengthened the attractiveness of gold as a tool for value preservation and hedging against inflation risks, the price of gold futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange increased slightly on the 28th. It rebounded and hit a three-month high in intraday.

When the price fell, I thought that it might fall again. When I watched it rise, I hesitated to buy it. I went back and forth several times. I still have nothing to do. Mr. Wang said that the budget is to spend about 20,000 yuan to buy gold bracelets and necklaces for his daughter-in-law. Such a high price means that it is too small to handle. But judging from the current trend, it seems that there is no sign of falling.

In the past week, the trend of the gold market shocked investors: after hitting a new all-time high, it fell sharply, with the largest drop of more than $200 per ounce in just three trading days, a drop of more than 10%. While investors were panicking, the international gold price rebounded strongly last Friday and returned to above US$1,800 per ounce.

This adjustment is largely due to bin Laden's death, which is an unpredictable and unsustainable factor. Chen Rui reminded investors that what needs to be concerned in the near future is whether al-Qaeda elements take retaliatory measures. If this threat becomes a reality and is serious enough, the increase in gold and silver Noble and precious metals trading companywill be unimaginable. Even if there is no movement in the short term, market worries will be difficult to eliminate, which also supports gold and silver. From a general perspective, the long-term bull market for gold and silver has not changed.

2. The European Central Bank released its monthly report in Frankfurt on the 11th, stating that economic growth in the euro zone is currently difficult, and the uncertainty of future development prospects is quite high. The report pointed out that recent economic data indicate that the dazzling performance of the Eurozone at the beginning of this year has faded away. The panic in the stock market, the emptiness of the national treasury, and the weakness of the US economy indicate that the future economic outlook of the euro zone is not good. But the European Central Bank is convinced that despite the corresponding slowdown in economic growth in the Eurozone, it will remain on a growth track in the coming months. The European Central Bank stated that there is no danger of further expansion of inflationary pressures in the euro area, but driven by rising energy and raw material prices, the inflation rate in the euro area in the next few months will still be significantly higher than that set by the European Central Bank to maintain price stability. 2% target cap.

Starting from April 10, the international gold price experienced a round of sharp decline. Although institutional investors have dumped, Asian investors led by India and India have vigorously attracted gold. In recent days, international gold prices have shown obvious signs of stabilization, and Goldman Sachs also stopped recommending short gold. Some netizens lamented that Wall Street analysts couldn't reach the aunt.