The precious metals market shifts to blockchain

The precious metals market shifts to blockchain

Parafi capital, a San Francisco based crypto investment firm, announced a partnership with kyber network and revealed that it had been involved in the project prior to kyber's planned katalyst upgrade, coindesk reported. Parafi The precious metals market shifts to blockchainalso said the investment in kyber was in the form of an undisclosed, direct purchase of the project's native token KNC. At the same time,

Edgeware, the Boca ecological project, announced that it would restart edgeware 1.0 on February 12, and a series of new Commonwealth functions will be released around governance, financing and community organizations. Edgeware said in the announcement,

As a result, end customers are exposed to smart contracts with different quality and safety. This method is applied to segment end customers through the specific de neutralization used by each user, which destroys the valuable network effect and increases the unnecessary cost on the network. The protocol uses several existing technologies to combine the off chain function of the status channel with the on chain settlement, which is called "off chain order associated with on chain settlement" to conduct transactions. This means that orders will be transferred off the chain and settled on the chain, reducing the cost of market makers, and benefiting from the near instant settlement of the Ethereum blockchain. Because the trading service providers transfer from the centralized platform to the market participants themselves, the real free market has accepted the emerging token economy. Since the "forwarder" replaces such a platform as a service provider, the order is also filled in by the receiver who intercepts and distributes the order. The transaction function not only eliminates the exposure risk brought by centralized trading to its users, but also obscures the government's goal and reduces the regulatory attack. On chain settlement, off chain matching. The consultant team includes Olaf, chief executive officer of coinbase, founder of polychain, and CO cioamir bandeali of Pantera. At present, there are tens of thousands of developers in the community. More than 20 trading platforms use the X protocol and apply it to 10 + dapps, including markerdai, request, August, etc. 0xzrx0x view more announced the launch of the vulnerability reward program for the "zeroex" of the X exchange proxy, with a maximum reward of $100000 for key vulnerabilities. This paper introduces an intelligent contract system which extends the protocol of X. This kind of architecture can enable the development and innovation of the continuous development of the DFI ecosystem. Transactions executed through this agent will be securely settled through exchange v3. The smart contract has passed internal audit and is currently under test.

The prediction network nestprotocol triggered the second mining reward attenuation at the height of 11036588 in the Ethereum block, from 320nest to 256nest. The mining attenuation mechanism of nest token is that it decays once every 2.4 million blocks (about one year), and the reward of each block is reduced to 80% of the original value. When the reward of block is 40nest, the attenuation will stop. Nest is a network of price prediction machines. The total amount of nest tokens in circulation is 1.744 billion, and the upper limit is 10 billion.

Conflux tree graph of conflux, the underlying network of blockchain, skillfully integrates DAG technology and POW consensus mechanism to expand transaction concurrency and system throughput. Compared with the typical DAG technology projects such as byteball, the system security is improved at the consensus level. According to, bitcoin, Ethereum. In bitcoin system, if different miner nodes generate multiple legal blocks at a certain time, only one block will be included in the blockchain account book as time goes by, and other legal blocks have to be eliminated, which means that the miner node consumes a lot of computing power but does not get any reward, that is, it is a waste of energy and it is difficult to improve the system throughput. In order to improve the speed of block output, Ethereum adopts ghost algorithm and designs the "tertiary block reward mechanism". While only one legal block is reserved in the chain ledger, other concurrent legal blocks are included in the ledger as tertiary blocks, and the tertiary block reward is given to make the system faster, fairer and smoother. However, in Ethereum, transactions in the Shu block are considered invalid, and the system throughput is still not high enough. Conflux adopts DAG technology, and the miner node can generate blocks in parallel / concurrent manner without worrying about the elimination or invalidation of legal blocks. At present, DAG technology is the only way to improve transaction concurrency and system throughput. Compared with the previous DAG technology projects, conflux tree diagram has made two important technical adjustments or improvements: 1. The vertex v of DAG ledger is block DAG, while vertex v of DAG ledger of byteball is a separate transaction TX DAG; 2. Conflux uses ghost algorithm to generate the main chain,

Coinbase, the lending platform, is the first project to obtain venture capital from coinbase, and it is also a part of the efforts of coinbase to promote blockchain innovation. Compound provides interest on encrypted assets placed on exchanges anThe precious metals market shifts to blockchaind wallets. The interest rate of each asset is adjusted dynamically according to the borrowing demand of the asset. Compound wants to attract hedge funds, experienced investors and borrowers. In fact, it's no surprise that compound can get support from coinbase,

according to DAppTotal.comDeFi According to the data on the special page: up to now, the total lock up fund of 34 difi projects has reached US $959 million, of which maker's lock up fund is US $359 million, accounting for 37.47%, ranking the first; eosrex locking fund is US $220 million,