Wheaton Precious Metals Market

Wheaton Precious Metals Market

Global gold mine production may have peaked in 2014, and global gold jewellery production fell 11% year-on-year. It is expected that the growth rate of overall production in 2015 will slow down significantly. In 2014, the demand for gold bars and gold coins fell by nearly 40% year-on-year. Asian investors' attitudes towards investing in physical gold have changed. They no longer take advantage of the bar but wait for changes; although gold prices soared by nearly 8% in the first month of 2015 , But the main reason driving the market is to cover positions rather than long positions. This year, the market still needs to overcome adversity to reappear the bull markeWheaton Precious Metals Markett.

Some salespersons even tempted customers to provide passwords, claiming that they would provide teachers with better guidance. In fact, they were arbitrarily speculating. An account manager in charge of technical analysis in a gold speculation agency told reporters that the basic salary of an account manager ranges from 1,000 to 1,300 yuan, and some commissions are raised to 30% of the net commission. In order to obtain high commissions, some account managers will violate the regulations and increase transaction volume on behalf of gold. In recent years, it has been a golden period for the development of the gold industry, and salesmen who have done a good job earn more than 10,000 yuan a month.

Since July, the market has been increasingly worried about the sovereign debt crisis in Europe and the United States, and factors such as risk aversion and investment demand have combined forces to push the international gold price to a new peak. However, analysts pointed out that the increase in the debt ceiling in the United States is a high probability event, and the gold price that has risen too fast still needs to lay a solid foundation, and short-term gold price adjustment risks increase.

Affected by increased consumer confidence in the United States, the dollar’s ​​rise, and investor gains, the spot silver price fell to $22.27 per ounce to close on May 31, a decrease of $2.07 or 8.5 from the closing of $24.34 per ounce on April 30. %. This is also since May 2010, the spot silver price has fallen every May for 4 consecutive years.

Prosperity antiques chaotic times gold, the investment market is not yet clear, and the gold market continues to be hot. However, it is somewhat difficult for ordinary investors who have little money on hand or low risk resistance ability to purchase several grams of gold at a time. To this end, many banks have seized the opportunity. In addition to some gold trading businesses such as paper gold and gold T+D, they have also continuously launched gold fixed investment business. Recently, China Guangfa Bank has also joined the ranks. However, each bank's product name, target specification, investment threshold, buying and selling fees, and timing of fixed investment are different. In this issue, let's compare the gold fixed investment business of ICBC, Agricultural Bank, and Guangdong Development Bank.

El-Erian said: At present, the most likely situation is that the agreement will be released at the last moment, and the debt can also avoid default, but the AAA-level highest credit rating is at stake. With the confrontation Wheaton Precious Metals Marketbetween the political parties of the world's largest economy, the global stock market may absorb a higher uncertainty risk premium, and the probability of the United States losing the highest rating of AAA has also increased.

With the death of Laden, the US dollar index rose from the lowest point of 72.70 to 76.3 on May 4, and rose by 5% in 20 days; at the same time, global commodities, led by crude oil, fell rapidly by about 10%. All of a sudden, the U.S. dollar has risen sharply, commodity prices have come to an end, and the prices of gold and silver have also reached the end.

On Wednesday, local time, the United States will release an important data-the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Index. Bloomberg statistics show that the average expectation of nearly 80 economists is that in May, the US ISM manufacturing activity index will drop to 57.2%, down from 60.4% in April and the highest in the past seven months. The slow growth rate indicates that economic growth will continue to slow down.

The conflict in Ukraine continues, and risk aversion has inspired investors to continue buying gold. However, the negative macroeconomic level has always suppressed precious metals and it is difficult to break through important resistance levels. Among them, gold is subject to pressure near the $1,300 integer mark and the $1315 annual line. Previously, London Gold tried to challenge the position twice, but failed to return. As of yesterday's close, London Gold reported $1307.51, down $2.5, or 0.19%. Spot silver is constrained near the monthly line of $19.65, and many challenges have failed. As of the end of the U.S. market yesterday, the cumulative total of all time periods fell by 1 cent to 19.58 US dollars, a decrease of 0.05%.

In addition, the summit between the German and French leaders proved to be a process of calming market sentiment. Although the two sides have introduced a series of measures in the euro area supervision to make the market feel a little relieved, the market is concerned about the launch of the euro area joint bond. There is still no intention on key issues. This has made the debt outlook of the euro zone clouded again, which has greatly affected the sentiment of the financial market. European and American bank stocks have fallen sharply due to the news, which has become the culprit leading the stock market to fall. In the process of a sharp decline in the risk market, gold gained a safe-haven buy and strengthened sharply. The official negative sentiment about the economic outlook further suppressed the risk market and boosted the gold safe-haven market. Nowotny, a member of the European Central Bank (ECB) Management Committee and Governor of the Austrian Central Bank, said on Wednesday (August 17) that economic conditions in the euro zone have clearly deteriorated significantly. The economic situation in the euro area is shrouded in many uncertainties, and they are beginning to worry that the euro area may enter a period of Japanese-style low growth and low inflation.