How to invest in a precious metal company

How to invest in a precious metal company

Barclays precious metals analyst Sochi Cooper in London said that gold ETFs have become one of the main players in the physical gold market. In previous periods of weak gold prices, gold ETF investors did not lighten their positions. In particular, gold prices fell by 13% at the end of 2011, and gold ETFs also appeared Masukura at that time. The current round of the largest sale in hHow to invest in a precious metal companyistory does not mean that gold has entered a bear market, but it may increase the risk that international gold prices continue to fall.

In 2014, the Gold Exchange regulated the over-the-counter gold inquiry business and the inter-bank gold inquiry business. The Golden Exchange provided fund clearing, settlement and physical delivery services on commission, but did not inherit the rights and obligations of both parties to the transaction. At the same time, it is responsible for the daily monitoring of the inquiry business and reports the relevant situation of the inquiry business to the People's Bank of China.

International silver prices on Wednesday (September 5) finishing at high levels in early trading. Silver prices have clearly stood above the 32 mark. The weak US ISM manufacturing data released overnight has further pushed up easing expectations. And from the perspective of market conditions, silver gains more momentum from this expectation than gold.

When the financial turmoil has not stopped and inflation has appeared again, the hard currency of gold's value preservation and appreciation has become more obvious. However, after the international gold price briefly hit a peak of US$1,000 at the beginning of this year, the price of gold also experienced a rapid decline. Facing the confusion of some investors, experts suggest that under the current situation, the long-term value of gold investment should be paid more attention than short-term speculation.

However, Olympus senior analyst Charles Nedoss said that we are seeing investors shaking the money tree. The main reason for the decline in gold prices is that large funds are liquidating their positions. Large funds are mainly based on technical aspects, not fundamentals. The long-term upward trend of gold is still intact, and the adjustment is only temporary.

Our reporter Li Guanglei. Since the launch of the Gold International Board on September 18 last year, transactions have been running smoothly, the delivery path has been smooth, fund transfer and settlement are convenient, and the import re-export mechanism has been smooth, basically in line with market expectations. According to data, as of the end of February 2015, a total of 415 tons of gold contracts on the international board had been traded, with a turnover exceedingHow to invest in a precious metal company 100 billion yuan. At present, the Gold International Board has absorbed nearly 60 international members.